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When using our services, or when buying/transferring a UK domain name to us, you need to follow these terms and conditions.

You may not use our services or domain names (purchased or transferred to us) to promote or publish any material in the following:

  • Illegal or extreme religious views
  • adult content (pornographic)
  • drugs (buying or selling) or show or any drug related use or symbols
  • racial
  • criminal activity or anything encourage unlawful behaviour

We also prohibit any activity that could harm or potential harm our company from supplying services in the future. Such examples include:

  • Using any of our services to provide spam
  • hosting illegal content
  • aggressive promotion or any promotional activity that could have harmful future repercussions to our current and future customers.

When using anything UK domain name related, our customers must read and follow the terms and conditions as stated in the latest Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration provide by Nominet.


We charge a standard fee of £50.00 per year for each UK domain name you hold with us. This charge includes our company making changes to the domain name to provide the services you require.

Expiring Domain Names

With all UK domain names having an expiration date, we’ll contact you within 60 days of the domain becoming near the expiration date. Additionally, we’ll also send you a reminder within 30 days of your domain name expiration date. We’ll ask you if this domain name requires to be renewed via phone or email. If it is required then we’ll charge the standard £50 for a further 1 year of use (or a combination thereof). If you no longer require the domain we shall let this domain expire, and once it has, the domain will be open for anyone to register and use the domain. If this happens you’ll no longer have control of the domain name and will effect any services tied to it.


If you require the domain name to be transferred to another provide/TAG then we’ll dedicate 1 hour of time free of charge to providing this service for you. If the 1 hour of time is used and we require more time, we’ll inform you of this and the additional charge of £50 per hour (with an estimated amount of hours needed). In normal circumstances all transfers should be completed within the 1 hour window.